Map to Star Theater (Hairspray Manila)

Map of Star Theater (Hairspray Manila)

From the airport : Take a car or taxi towards Roxas Boulevard and get in the u-turn lane. On the same road, make a right onto Coastal Shopping Mall, then right onto President Macapagal Boulevard and head straight on for the Cultural Centre of the Philippines Complex.

From LRT Station of Vito Cruz : Below LRT station of Vito Cruz, take VITO CRUZ road (going Roxas Blvd.), it will lead you to PEDRO BUKANEG road which is an access to CCP Complex area.

From Malate-Roxas Blvd. area to CCP Complex : From Roxas Blvd. take right turn to VICENTE SOTTO road right after PEDRO BUKANEG.

If you dont have a private vehicle, from Vito Cruz LRT station – walk to VITO CRUZ going Roxas Blvd. – before RIZAL MEMORIAL STADIUM there’s a vehicle (jeepney type) that will lead you to CCP complex area, just inform the driver about your desired destination.

Key Landmarks:

Star City: The famous Christmas Theme Park in Manila. Star Theater is at the side of Star City. The theater has a different entrance from the main Star City entrance (it is along the alley at the right side of Star City).

Aliw Theater: This is different from Star Theater. But the two theaters are near to each other. It is actually easier to see Aliw Theater because of its huge signage and because it’s within the main thoroughfare. Star Theater, however, is already within a short walking distance (less than 5 minutes) from Aliw Theater. You can actually park your cars in the parking area facing Aliw Theater.

Tickets for the November 23, 8pm show are available through ManilaTheater. Reserve your tickets through email( or text (+63917-8735412).